Sofie Seyah

Zebra-Leopard Shark Watercolour Eco Art Print

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The the lovely zebra/leopard shark (Stegostoma tigrinum), she’s such a sight to behold in nature and one of my all-time favourite marine species. If she looks so leopard-like, then why the zebra name? Well, at birth (from it’s egg casing), this incredible species is black with white stripes and spots. As it matures, it slowly transforms its stripes and colour to what you see here.

While they’re not commonly seen here in Gathaagudu (Shark Bay), I have seen one from our boat near the mouth of Big Lagoon near Francois Peron National Park. I’ve also come across one of their egg casings washed ashore near Monkey Mia.

Illustrating one was quite the pleasure and this piece really came together with surprised ease. I think she was just meant to be painted when she was. Simple as that.