22 Folds

Giving Wishes Wings- Paper Cranes

Each collection has been created to either Empower, Acknowledge or Ignite something in the recipient. My whole business model is to promote human connection and to encourage us to recognise where each other are at.

Maybe you’re looking for a go to special gift for an event that comes around often like a birthday or anniversary. Maybe you need to say thank you to a friend, or recognise a coach or teacher for their effort. Maybe you have a friend that is taking over the world and you want to say Congrats!, or Maybe someone you know are having a tough time and they need that little boost.

22 Folds pieces can act as a daily reminder so people know that they matter and they can achieve whatever it is that they’ve set out to do and get back on track. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to put into words what you want to say, so What I have done is create a range of unique personalised gift pieces that you can gift on any occasion, to convey everything you want to say, without really ever having to say anything.

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