Milestone Cards - Little One

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Baby Moments & Milestone Cards 

1. Welcome home little one 

2. Privacy please I'm hungry 

3. My toes taste better than my food 

4. I kept my parents up all night

5. Daddy dressed me 

6. I decided to cry all day today 

7. I didn't like my food 

8. I did a poo in the bath 

9. Daddy said it was ok

10. It's hard work being a baby 

11. I vomited on mummy today 

12. My first ouchie 

13. my first visit to the ER

14. I have teeth and I'm not afraid to use them 

15. I was left alone for one minute 

16. One week old today 

17. Two weeks old today 

18. Three weeks old today 

19. Four weeks old today 

20. One month old today 

21. Three months old today 

22. Six months old today 

23. Nine months old today 

24. One year old today