Marina's Ambrosia

Marina's Ambrosia Hydro Serum

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30ml Hydro Serum 

An active and immediate hydrating solution for all skin types.

This serum contains the 3 necessary key ingredients for skin hydration and nutrition, for the driest to the oiliest skins, and everything in between.  The serum is as light as water and fast absorbing, making your moisturiser work effectively as the active ingredients work through the dermis.

This serum is optimal for skin needling, both during and after, by hydrating the skin during the repair process.

Use of this serum has had positive effects as fast as within 5 days when using it both morning and evening.

FOR HAIR- Yes, you can use this serum in your hair and on your scalp.  The high levels of Vitamin B5 (20%), much higher than any other hair serum, treatment or professional hair product on the market to-date, combined with a base of hyaluronic acid, boosts the moisture in hair to optimal levels by its ability to immediately penetrate the hair follicles and strands.

Ingredients- Purified Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5, Green Tea, Coconut Extract, Radish Extract.