Deborah Hassett

Deborah Hassett At Cafe Collective
I’m a 70 year old children's author who had been writing most of my life, a bit like keeping a diary, as I explain to the young people I read to, we didn’t have electronic devices or even TV when I was growing up.

They are shocked!! I love listening to my children and now Grandchildren.

All my books, I have self published 2, another is at my amazing Illustrator, Sunshine, at the moment, are my source of inspiration. Not sure why I picked this time in my life to take this leap of faith, but I have and I have had amazing support from inspiring people.

Especially Sunshine, her illustrations give my words life. I would describe my books as whimsical, maybe, kids just say great stuff sometimes. Alice’s Journey, my first book, has been described as being a bit dark?! But it certainly wasn’t intended to be, it’s just dealing with lots of emotions, inspired by a tragedy my then 7 year old Granddaughter was going through.

Fleur the Flamingo, definitely all the girls in my life that danced to the beat of their own drum. The 3rd book, almost done, Ladies in Red Dresses, my Grandson, at the time 4, told me about some ladies in red dresses jumping on his trampoline, he didn’t have a trampoline by the way! I’ve made it into a counting book.

I have so many books I would love to publish, but it is an expensive “ hobby” and maybe time isn’t my friend!